Posted by: Karen | July 28, 2007

Excuses, Excuses, and a Movie

My summer is blazing merrily along, even if the runs are few and too far between. I had thought that between my kids’ soccer seasons I’d spend more time out running, but I’ve let other distractions interfere. Litany of lame excuses below:

Last week instead of the Thursday CRR Club Night my family had dinner with my employer and his lovely wife at their home. We discovered a mutual affinity for good scotch and port, which I strove mightily not to abuse. I’d thought maybe I’d head out the next morning for a run, but succumbed to my siren pillow.

On the weekend I drove up to the parental units’ acreage near Camrose to retrieve my daughter, whom I’d abandoned there the weekend before. I gabbed and hugged and even enjoyed church again, but running did not happen.

Stardust opens August 10Tuesday came, and y’all know I ALWAYS run on Tuesday nights. But (there’s that excuse word again), but someone had given me free tickets to a pre-screening of Stardust. And Dawn agreed to come with me. We had a blast! It kind of falls into the “Princess Bride” kind of genre. It was whacky, fun, warm-fuzzy romantic, with several “what the!” plot twists and hammed up craziness. I have a few more free tickets to two more pre-screenings on August 8 & 9, if anyone is interested. I’d go again myself  (It was that much fun!), but I’ll be camping that week. Life is too serious. Go see this movie and laugh!

ORN (Obligatory Running Note): Wednesday morning, post movie, pre-work, I did actually run. The force of gravity was incredibly strong that morning (did you notice?), but I tuned out the siren pillow and lifted my toesies over dirt paths through hilly parks in my neighbourhood for ~6 km.

It had rained during the night, which left fresh puddles and a refreshing fragrance in the air – yay! Tall grasses bowed over the dirt path and lashed my legs with a delightful coolness. I startled a very quick baby jackrabbit out of a thicket and felt like a big bumbling harmless monster.


  1. I haven’t been able to figure out just what kind of movie that is from the trailer. Thanks for clearing it up.

  2. It sounds like you have a great training/life balance! Enjoy, it’s summer 🙂

  3. Loved the movie. Thanks for letting me tag along.

  4. The irony is…that the weather is decent yet we can’t fit our runs in. Crazy…and busy. I get it. It’ll work out.


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