Posted by: Karen | July 19, 2007

Surprise Party

bright eyed and bushy tailed LinaeOnce upon a time, way back when I started running, Linae did, too. We met in an on-line Penguin running group called The Courage to Start, and eventually graduated to Penguin Athletes. We shared similar stories back and forth about our running efforts and connected in a really cool way.

When several of us Penguins headed to Tampa for the Penguin Winter Carnival and Gasparilla races a couple of years ago, Linae came out to cheer us on at 0:dark:30 in the morning (see left). She brought her bike and showed up at several corners on the route. She and Shawn and Joe hosted a barbeque for us in their home when my family visited them in St. Petersburg last winter. She is one awesome woman.

Today Linae is defending her doctoral dissertation. Some friends and I are having an on-line party to celebrate this very special occasion for my buddy, Rockin’ Girl Blogger, feisty triathlete, and awesome human being. Head on over to our congratulations blog-card, join the party, and give her a big hand!   

Joe & Linae after donating their hair to Locks of Love


  1. Little Runner and I read your blog together today!

  2. Congrats to your friend. That’s a big achievement.

  3. 🙂
    Cool post! (Way to go, Linae!!!)
    Way to go, Downhill from Here
    Hi, Little Runner!


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