Posted by: Karen | July 17, 2007

Went Loopy Again

Tonight some Roadrunners and I ran the same 8 km loop by the river as last week. Greg and Fred ran on ahead and waited for us at the Crowchild bridge and the railroad crossings.

Carla and Karin were there, and since they were in recovery mode I actually ran with them, though it took some effort. They chatted about recent events, which nicely enabled me to just shut up and keep up.

I found myself looking at the path just a few meters ahead for much of the run, but something I read earlier today reminded me to lift my head sometimes to admire the seasonal flowers and the green foliage everywhere. Our riverside paths offer so much beauty, but sometimes the effort required to keep running pulls my focus inward. I was glad I used those moments to take in summer and savour it a bit more.

It was cloudy out, which offered some relief from the hot sunshine, but it was still warm and muggy. I was, once again, totally soaked by the time we finished. I drank my entire water bottle again, and headed home for a late supper.

Gratuitous Club Note:
If you’re around this Thursday, July 19, remember that the CRR is holding its Club Night. I’ve got another commitment, but that doesn’t stop you from showing up, running a few miles and lifting a cool one in my absence. I know of a couple of other members going. Go meet them!



  1. I won’t be at the CRR night, as I’m in England till next week, but hopefully I can come out and join you in August.

    Admiring the seasonal flowers is important – they don’t last long!

  2. Sounds like a nice run. What I love most about the hot/humid days is the smell of the grass and the flowers. So rich!


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