Posted by: Karen | July 16, 2007

Nine Hot Humid Km

Downhill WarningI realize that my southern friends might wish for weather as cool as ours, but yesterday’s weather up near my mom’s place was hot enough for me. Even though I got out of the house by 8 a.m., it was already muggy, and the gravel roads between prairie fields held precious little shade. It took me forEVER to convince myself that I should run any length of time, even when the road sloped ever so slightly downwards.

With Moose Mountain on my mind, wanted to work in a hefty hill, so I walked and jogged and walked and jogged a little more at a time, until I could see the downhill sign leading to the Ross’s Flats campground below. The run down, and back up again was nicely shaded at this time of day, and it got me moving a little faster. I kept the momentum going once back up on the prairie by counting power poles and thanking my stars I didn’t have to worry about excessive gravel and rattlesnakes, like Loubob has to sometimes.

I saw all the classic motifs of running in central Alberta farmland; blindingly bright yellow canola crops as far as my eye could see, cattle pastures, a campground beside a winding creek, and a tall, burning sour gas flare pipe. Later during my drive back home to Calgary I was greeted by even more reminders of what hot, humid weather brings in those parts; radio warnings of tornados and severe thunderstorms. Luckily, I skirted the storms and only endured a few hailstones.



  1. You know I haven’t run over one rattlesnake yet this year except one and I was horseback at the time. I hate gravel roads, it’s hard on both your feet and legs.:neutral:

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I was out in Saskatchewan last week and I went out for a run at 6:30am on the dusty gravel roads and it was so humid that my shirt was completely soaked by time I was done.

  3. It took a while, but it’s on its way here now. Any running will be early early early the next few days (or inside) as the forecast calls for >35. Sigh.


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