Posted by: Karen | July 11, 2007

Pack Motivation

This last weekend was a big one for our Roadrunners. Many of them volunteered or raced in the three distances offered at the Calgary Marathon, so I imagine they were resting up or maybe even Stampeding instead of showing up at the 10k group’s run last night.

Danny, Greg, and Yen and I headed east from Edworthy Park on the north side of the river to the Crowchild bridge. We crossed to the south side and came back over the gently rolling path below the Douglas Fir trail. The other three kindly waited for me at four key points on the 8 km route. Since they’d told me where they’d be waiting, I set those goals as little mini-races for myself, and pushed harder in between. Hey, if I’d wanted to dawdle along and take walk breaks willy-nilly, I could have run from home alone, eh? It was good to have others out there holding me to it, and they offered friendly encouragement each time I caught up.

It was a warm evening, and I drank a full bottle of water on the run. It was good to get out there, sweat, and breathe deeply. The south side of the river offered plenty of shade, and even a few rocky dirt path choices, which I opted for instead of the paved paths.

Thursday I’ll be tackling some hills, preferably with dirt trails. It’s going to be a hot day, so I might just have to (ick) run early in the morning to get them done. Maybe if I go to bed early tonight with Moose Mountain on my mind, it will help me avoid the snooze button.



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