Posted by: Karen | July 10, 2007

Catching Up

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Calgary Stampede Band

Calgary Stampede Band,
originally uploaded by Downhillnut.

For the record, I did run hills last Thursday. It was very hot out, but at least it was windy. My son had a soccer game which I didn’t want to miss, but I knew there was a hill near the field, so I dressed in my running gear and ran during the first half of his game. This soccer field is one of five in the bottom of an old, reclaimed quarry, so there is a hefty incline leading up out of the bowl. It was soooo hot out that I told myself I only had to do two hill repeats to claim that I did “hills”. Once I got going, however, I left my melting-ice water bottle at the top of the hill two more times and managed four.

Friday morning Little Runner and I got up early and went to the Calgary Stampede Parade. We met up with Derek, a friend and fellow Calgary Roadrunner, and his son. We were entertained for over four hours by dancers, skateboarders, cyclists, marching bands, army tanks, police and military troops, floats, horses, sheep, a brahma bull, dogs, cowboys, first and many other nations, clowns, etc. What a show! Then I worked the rest of the afternoon and in the evening, headed over to the in-laws for a special dinner.

Saturday morning Little Runner and I enjoyed a free pancake breakfast at our local community center, and then in the afternoon we volunteered for the Calgary Marathon package pick-up.

Sunday morning we were course marshals on the marathon and 10k route for 5 hours. We were stationed at 19km and 38 km (out and back route, so we just had to cross the road). We brought noisemakers and wore amusing hats. We wrote inspiring chalk messages all over the road, and encouraged other spectators to write their messages too. We high-fived and joked with smiling runners, and strove to cheer up tired-looking ones.

Sunday afternoon I napped. Volunteering is a lot of fun, but I always feel more tired than if I raced! Tonight I’ll be back out with the Roadrunners at Edworthy again.



  1. I’d love to take in the Stampede and marathon someday. Great job on the volunteering by you and Little Runner! I know when I’m running a race that those little extras from the spectators and volunteers can make the race so much more enjoyable.

  2. You’re so awesome 🙂


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