Posted by: Karen | July 4, 2007

Back to Training

On Monday it was hot, but did I get out first thing in the morning for my run? Noooo. Still, I dressed in running gear, grabbed a water bottle, and went out at 11:00 a.m. anyway. I hiked up several big hills on my local trail route. The downhills did lure me into some running, but mostly it was a brisk hike. What normally takes me 55 minutes took me 1:15, but at least I was out and moving up and down big hills. I didn’t get much momentum going, but my hamstrings told me I’d done some good work climbing.

Train at Heritage Park

Last night I plunged back into true training. I warmed up with the CRR 10k group, but I wasn’t sure how much speed work I would be up for. My runs have been so inconsistent and infrequent lately, but one has to start working somewhere. 

Somebody said there were only four 400m repeats on the menu, and before I realized it, I’d said “I can do that.” out loud. Others heard me.

I had committed to the workout before I heard that after the 400s everyone would be running the rest of the 8k loop together around the south side of the river, too. Too late, I’d said I could do it, and I would.

The group continued to talk about finishing the repeats together, so we’d do the following loop together. I figured none my fast friends really wanted to trot along at my Penguin pace, so I pushed my way to the front and gave myself a head start. They would catch up in a couple of minutes, eh?

When they did catch up at the first breather, Michele generously did the remaining three 400s with me and even carried my water bottle. Cool! We did indeed finish the 400s kind of together. The group gradually left me behind on the remaining loop, but Michele, Jason, and Carla waited for me at strategic points, and ran with me some of the way. I worked harder for longer than I would have on my own. Thanks, friends!

I came home with tired, achy legs and whiny hamstrings, but underlying all that was the satisfaction that comes with having worked hard towards something I want. I need to feel that a lot in the next few months. Tomorrow? Hill repeats. Hold me to it.



  1. We have a hill or two here to pratice on! But I want a visit too. And I sure can’t keep up to you!!!

  2. So… um… how were those hill repeats?

    Did you marshall today? I was looking for you, but I think you were on the course for the full, maybe?


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