Posted by: Karen | July 1, 2007


Happy Canada Day, everybody. Instead of a flag or a maple leaf this year, I thought I’d post a couple photos of inuksuit I found by the side of the highway out in the Kananaskis last weekend.

This inukshuk was about as high as my waist,


and this one was about half that size.

Little Inukshuk

Little Runner and I just spent the afternoon at Heritage Park, riding on the train, the carousel, and a very old ferris wheel. She spent an equal amount of time playing with little wooden toys on wheels at a replica of a homestead house, and colouring a Union Jack for “Dominion Day”.

Then we hung out by the reservoir for over half an hour more, while she threw some rocks in, watched sailboats and rowers go by, and pushed some logs around in the water.



  1. They are almost as nice as the one in our garden! Eva says they represent the fact that someone has gone this way before, and mark the path for others to follow. Ours is in our garden because Ed still loves the North, and wants to tell others that pass by that he has lived there. He is also leaving a mark that he has lived here!!! Maybe I will go out and weed there today. Now that the sun has finally poked through, everything is growing fast!

  2. Very cool!

  3. Awww nice! I built a wee one near my birthplace in Sunshine (near Thunder Bay, ON). 🙂


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