Posted by: Karen | June 30, 2007

Running Circles Around My Kids

We interrupt this K-100 relay race series of reports to bring you the only “training run” I have done since. There will be more, now that the relaxed summer schedule is taking over, and September’s Moose Mountain is calling out to me.

“Training run” is in quotes because it was not even remotely an intense, focused run. I did run some, however, so it counts.

It’s the first long weekend of the summer here in Canada, so quite a few folks have left town. Soccer Boy’s coach, however, needed a diversion from working on his patio, so he invited the team to an optional, casual soccer practice. Little Runner and I showed up too, dressed for action. The few boys that showed up decided to practice shots on goal, so I set up LR behind the net-free goal to retrieve stray soccer balls.

While the kiddos were occupied, I ran big loops around the green space surrounding their soccer field. There was also a ball diamond, a tennis court, and a playground. I ran the bases on the empty ball diamond once, for fun. I stopped after each 5-6 minute loop to check that LR wasn’t wandering off or getting in the way, and sipped a little water.

The green space also had a wood-chip path through a “birthplace forest”, and on one of my loops I followed the path up to some benches with a lovely view of the Calgary river valley. I’d been sweating and plodding lethargically through much of the run, but did breathe a little deeper and pick up the pace when I wondered just how a newborn feels during those first breaths. A slight downhill grade, coupled with thoughts of youth and new life infused a little more energy into my last loop.

It wasn’t much of a run; barely half an hour, but sometimes I just have to get those out of the way so I can work harder in the next ones. Maybe tomorrow, eh?


  1. I feel like that about walks, sometimes! Keep on keeping on girl!!!

  2. Nice run. Birthplace forest huh? Sounds like a wonderful place to trek.

    Thanks for the comment – yes, my return to racing was today. It went very well, and I’m really happy! I’ll post my first RR since 2005 sometime tonight or tomorrow. Wish shaky pictures a la Steve.

    Happy Canada Day!


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