Posted by: Karen | June 25, 2007

K-100, Part 2

I had a lot of fun watching the crowd at the leg 6 station. I’m normally a very social person, but this day I didn’t really know a lot of racers, and opted to quietly sit in the car and watch the goings on.

I had parked with a comfortable forward view of the hand-off zone, and I could still watch the racers approaching from behind in my side mirror. Woohoo, go runners go! I love finish lines. What better place to enjoy them than a relay race with ten finish lines in one day!Karly finishes Leg 6.

There were strict traffic rules in place, especially near the drop-off/hand-off zones. One of them was NO U-TURNS. One racer, in a hurry to check in for his race bib, pulled a u-turn in his Land Rover directly in front of the course marshal to slip into an open spot behind my car. With all the yelling the course marshal was doing, the driver seemed to have trouble finding the reverse gear, and ended up stuck in the v-shaped ditch just below me. Somebody would have to tow him out later – he had at least 2 wheels suspended off the ground.

I did say hi to a few folks I knew; Ken Brant (from trail races and CRR Club Nights), Fred (new CRR member with the 10k group), Barry Wheeler (CRR), and Ken Ruller (from Running Mania and some local races). I’d also chatted briefly with Jim and another Roadrunner who were volunteering.

Eventually my team mates arrived once again. We cheered our youngest runner, Karly, in to a spectacular sprint finish, while she tagged off to her mother, Denise, for Leg 7.

We piled back into our vehicles again. This time I had Nicole with me, who’d run our first leg at 6:00 a.m. We browsed around a couple of campsites on the way to the leg 9 check-in, but didn’t find anything open. I was to run leg 9, so we finally parked the car there and this time Nicole had a nap. By 5 p.m. I ate the rest of my lunch, including a handful of blueberries, and made sure I had everything ready to go in my running belt.

You’ve been so patient to read all this so far. Part 3 will be much more exciting, as I will recount my actual racing through trails and mud! glorious mud!, over hills and beside a rushing rocky creek. Stay tuned!


  1. Can hardly wait!

  2. That young lady is really kicking it in! Can’t wait to get to part III!


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