Posted by: Karen | June 21, 2007

We’re Just Getting Started

I love the first day of summer. Today the sun is shining, the trees are fully leafed out, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and I get to run on solid ground.

The last two Tuesdays I’ve run with two different new runners. It is fun to hang out with beginners, and hopefully encourage them to keep at it. Eventually, I think some of the beginners will return on the same night as each other, and see that I’m not just making up stories that other beginners exist.

This Tuesday we had a nice pot-luck, post-run weinie roast. There was a lot of picnicky food and we all enjoyed spending some time together in the same place.
Tonight is the monthly Club Night at 6:30 downtown, which has had low attendance the last while, despite notices being published on the Roadrunner’s web site. I’m looking forward to a nice 5 mile jaunt along the river (depending on who shows up) and some good company afterwards.


  1. Your summer weather sounds great but I’ve read your blog enough to not be surprised if you reported a blizzard this weekend. But I hope you don’t!


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