Posted by: Karen | June 18, 2007


Karen’s butt has not been getting out there. Karen’s feet and legs have sorrily neglected to carry Karen’s sad body outside for runs, and Karen is suffering so much that she has begun to refer to herself in the third person. ‘Nuffa this. She now declares it GKBOT week.

* Get Karen’s Butt Out There *

Tuesday, Karen will run with any new runners who show up at the CRR meeting place, and then she will celebrate with other Calgary Roadrunners by consuming food roasted over an open fire.

Thursday, Karen will run yet again, along the beautiful Bow River pathways downtown, and then she will celebrate with other runners by consuming a beer, and probably some food.

Saturday, for most of the day, Karen will cheer on the Blue Paper Clip team and others at the K-100 race in the beautiful mountains of Kananaskis. Then she will run Leg Nine as quickly as her legs will carry her (her heart is beating just a little faster as she thinks about it). Shortly after that, she will celebrate (do you see a pattern emerging?) with other runners by consuming delicious rewards and happily socializing as she camps overnight in the mountains.

Karen realizes that all of this post-run celebrating will not help her lose weight. Thankfully, losing weight is not the point. The point is to Get Karen’s Butt Out There. She thinks it’s going to be a huge success.



  1. Brit thinks it will be a huge success as well, brit is also a firm believer in post run celebration and turns her nose up at weight losing losers…

  2. Denise’s heart is beating faster too over the K-100. As team captain she thinks it is really hard to find runners this year due to all the injuries, and has noticed we are still short. Karen’s legs, however, will go swimmingly over leg 9 and she will have a wonderful time in the beautiful trek through the forest. P.S. Big Rock is a K-100 sponsor.

    Maybe Brit is free for the weekend?


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