Posted by: Karen | June 11, 2007

Momming bumps running

Friday morning I got up at 5:00 a.m. and took myself out for a 4k jog. This is totally out of routine for me – I’m an evening runner – but it needed to happen. Friday night I went to Little Runner’s school play.

Saturday morning I was sad to hear about an on-line friend, Terence, who passed away this week. I’d never met him or heard his voice, yet many times over the last few years he made me laugh with his cheeky jokes.
Saturday afternoon I took Soccer Boy to a game (he and his team played very well). Yesterday Little Runner and I watched horses jump at Spruce Meadows while Hubby and the boy worked on our new back yard fence.

Somewhere in there I should have managed another run, but didn’t. I’ve got to write some distances and times down on the calendar before my training totally derails. Tonight I’m out at another soccer game (13 more to go this season) and then tomorrow back out with the Roadrunners.

If you’re looking for some fun running reading, pop over to Dawn’s blog – Yay Dawn!



  1. I think the word “should” (see your last paragraph) is a great word to eliminate from our vocabulary. Things are what they are. You do your best and on we go. Sounds like you are doing a great job “momming” it. 🙂 And those little ones, they need you.


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