Posted by: Karen | June 7, 2007

Sunshine & Storms

Sunday it was hot and sunny and I took Little Runner out on my run with me. She rode her bike while I jogged alongside, and we did a playground tour. A few of the playgrounds in our neighbourhood are right beside wild monster-hill parks, so she would play on the equipment while I climbed up the dirt trails nearby.

A couple of times she left her bike below and climbed up the hills too. It made it more fun for me, not just because I had company, but because she reminded me to take a child’s perspective. We both enjoyed gushing “Whoa!” at the tremendous views, and we admired the buffalo beans and buttercups covering the grassy tops. We were very sweaty when we got home, and rewarded ourselves with big slices of watermelon.

Tuesday it was still hot out, but much muggier. Rain was predicted for the evening, and by the time I showed up with the Roadrunners at 6:30 there were big heavy clouds forming. Very few runners turned up – I attribute the poor attendance to storm warnings. It wasn’t raining yet, however, so 7 of us started the workout.

The plan for the night was a short 4 x 800m intervals, which we accomplished right after a 15 minute jog to warm up. We kept close to the parking lot, especially when the clouds became ominously darker and it started to rain in the last two. At first the rain was a teasingly light sprinkle. We were already dripping sweat from the effort in the muggy air, and the rain barely cooled us down. By the time we finished all four intervals the rain became deliciously refreshing, and we grinned as we encountered other runners out there. By now it was pouring, combined with thunder and lightning, so we did a very short cool-down jog straight to our cars.

It was quite the storm.



  1. Our weather has been a lot like that around here too!

  2. Wow, that’s a big jump from the previous record to the current one! Glad you didn’t get washed away.

  3. Three houses burned to the ground on Monday in Camrose, so on Tuesday we drove by to view the devastation. While driving, we saw some funny clouds and I kept an eye on them. Next we went to Walmart, and got soaked on the way in. Heard a lady on her cell phone talking to a lady who worked in the store saying:”I’m in the parking lot but I’m not coming in!” The gal in the store’s reply was:”We’ll send someone out with an umbrella and a dingy!” On leaving the store, I had to wade through three inches of water to get to the car, and was absolutely soaked as well, but it felt so good. Like my daughter, I love to get soaked in the rain on a hot day in the summer! On arriving home, I learned that there had been a tornado warning for Camrose!!! Oh, well. Can’t worry about those things or I’d have ulcers. Like Grandma said:”If I was born to be burned, I won’t be drowned.” Glad I can trust God to keep us safe. He’s the only one who can!

  4. What? No HAILSTONES?
    Some puny excuse for a storm, eh? 😉


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