Posted by: Karen | May 28, 2007

Confessions & Blessings

Confession (sorry Mom): This weekend I could have driven up to Red Deer to gather with the rellies for my auntie’s birthday, but had prior plans to attend the quilt show here in town with my visiting brother and his wife. Brother had to cancel, and he very nicely did so in time for me to revert to the Plan B, the birthday party, but I didn’t. I forgot all about it until late Friday night, and didn’t have the desire to rearrange life for a drive north.

Confession: Soccer Boy had a game in Cochrane Saturday, to which I had assumed Hubby would take him. Hubby forgot about the game, and chose instead to start replacing our fence. Though I’m grateful about the fence work, I grumbled that Hubby would choose it over kid time.

Blessings: Not that I mind watching my kids play soccer. I like that part. Bonus? The sun shone. This must have been the first game this season where I didn’t have to wrap up in three fleece blankets or even a jacket field-side. Extra-wonderful bonus? I got to snuggle with a 2? week old sleeping infant for the entire second half of the game! And a lady bug landed on my shoulder. Life does not get much better than that.

Back to confessions again: After Tuesday’s speed workout I tried to ignore the repercussions of a) neglecting to take the post hard workout cool bath and b) lying around the rest of the week. I should have gone for an easy jog Thurs or Fri to work out the lactic acid. The acid sat there quietly and painlessly in my muscles until Sunday, when I finally extracted my head from Youtube and Facebook and hauled myself out the door.

Lead legs 😛 Served me right. It took me a good 40 minutes of hiking, interspersed with brief burst of sluggish running, to actually find a groove. The groove lasted about 2 minutes on a downhill stretch of trail.

I knew not to be lazy. I was still lazy anyway. Ouch. Hopefully the memory of sore, heavy legs will remind me not to do that again..

Confessions: Since I left my run so late in the weekend, I never did get to the quilt show.

Blessings: I did follow up the lead legs run with a sunny afternoon walk to the 7-11 with Little Runner, for slurpees and Cheetos. Hang on, is that a confession or a blessing? Both, I guess.



  1. You are totally forgiven, daughter dear. And Grandma is doing much better too! We went to Lacombe and picked up her new glasses yesterday. Would you believe that she can read the fine print with them, at 90 yet!!! Miracles never cease.

  2. I’m still in shock over the snow pictures . . .


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