Posted by: Karen | May 24, 2007

May in Calgary

I must apologize for taking the winter lining out of my dress coat yesterday, because the winter gods had obviously not yet gone to sleep. What was I thinking?


May 24, 2007. My street, taken from the flowerbed.



At least the tulips are blooming.


When May gives you snow? Make a snowman!



  1. Phew! We missed it! SO FAR.

  2. […] There are some things which cannot be learned quickly, and time, which is all we have, must be paid heavily for their acquiring. Ernest Hemingway Woohoo, 5 miles, I’ve finally run a whole, whopping five miles this year and it’s not even June yet (sarcastically spouted)!  The dog even looked at me with a shocked expression. When I watched the Calgary news this morning they were showing pictures of the snow they had up there and I must have had sympathy pains because I wore long tights and a long sleeved, turtle necked shirt and darn near melted. It is cloudy and it spit on me a couple of times but at least I didn’t have to slog in slush up to my ankles.    The worse thing is I’ve gained weight since I got my butt back in gearL  Why is that?  I know it’s not fair! The prairie is blooming riotously with wild onions this spring.  I’m certainly glad I’m not milking a cow anymore as their milk tastes like reused onions when this happens.  Here’s a pic of what they look like. […]

  3. Now that’s just silly!

  4. Wow, for once in the last 8 months it’s snowing more somewhere else than here. It’s WARM HERE!!!

  5. Now that’s just plain cruel. Shame on Mother Nature.

  6. What the heck are the Canadians doing to the weather this time?

  7. We couldn’t believe it, Karen. We were sweltering at 36C when on the news we see you got dumped on. Nutty. I remember about 10 years ago, it snowed beginning at the end of trick or treating, right through to end of May. BRUTAL!!


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