Posted by: Karen | May 23, 2007

Plan B

Last night I showed up promptly with the Calgary Roadrunners to run along nice and easily with any Penguins or new runners, but none of those folks showed up. Not sure why – maybe my über-elitist snobby attitude and incredibly buff physique make me too intimidating to be on the welcoming committee. Ah well, I’ll still be there next week, and the one after that.

Plan B kicked in: Whatever the CRR Skinny-butt 10k’ers Were Doing. I warmed up alongside them for 10 full minutes before letting them edge on ahead of me towards the starting marker. Dawn‘s right – the view IS better back there. They had 8 x 400m repeats on the schedule, which didn’t scare me much. Eight repeats seemed like a lot to me, seeing as I hadn’t done any repeats since February, so I aimed to complete six.

Somehow I managed to complete five 400m sprints in a very consistent 2 minutes each, give or take a second or three. Some of the 10k group were still catching their breath as I reached the first few path markers, and cheered me on before diving into their next sprint. I made sure I took at least a minute before each repeat, to let my heart rate and breathing recover. The sixth repeat took me 2:07, which was a little long, but I still felt like I had at least one more in me, so I did a seventh in 2:09 and then took a two minute rest before cooling down.

My legs were like rubber by now, but I ran on the grass and looped around trees to keep myself entertained for 10 minutes, to make sure I’d cooled down enough.

By now the 10k group was back from their repeats, and members were doing alphabet drills and stretching. I gamely joined in for a few butt kicks, skips, and horsey steps before stretching and heading home.



  1. Well done! 😛

  2. Well done on the sprints! YOU’RE FAST!!

    Is there any way I don’t have to type in my whole name, etc., every time I comment??


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