Posted by: Karen | May 18, 2007

Social Running

I’m not an every-day runner. Lately it’s a challenge for me to wring out three runs a week, but somehow the social runs always draw me out.

Last night Hubby made dinner and took the kids to soccer and a birthday party, and I ran along the river with Josh and Trish. Well, at first I started out with Josh and Trish, and then in the second half I ran behind them in my typical Penguin mode. It was interesting, listening to them talk about Baltimore, New York, San Francisco, Vermont, Boston and Montreal. We ran to the Crowchild bridge, crossed the river, then turned back East to the Prince’s Island bridge before finishing up – slightly less than 5 miles.

J & T are newbies in Calgary. Trish actually reads this blog (See? You aren’t the only reader) and came out to see if I really am as slow as I say I am. Josh saw the notice on the CRR web site and came out to see if our members really are as social as we say we are. Ahem; members? We could use some help here…

Ken and his guest Jim were there too, but they started late, so we met them back at the Key West Bar and Grill afterwards. They finished early to make up for being late, and snagged a good table away from the stereo speakers.

We shared some bruschetta and the guys had burgers. I did indeed have a Big Rock Honey Brown, in between two large glasses of water.

Next month’s run is June 21st – mark it on your calendars. Maybe by then we can sit out on the patio after the run.



  1. Sounds like another fun run. Sorry I couldn’t make it as I’m still nursing a knee injury from the Police Half.

  2. Karen, I think you may have inspired me (again). Though I am a very social person, I am not a very social runner. None of my friends run. (In fact, most of them think it is just plain weird… though they see the benefits after having watched me drop several dress sizes.)

    I think one of the reasons I’m not a social runner is because I’m not-so-secretly quite ashamed of my lack of athletic prowess. I’m a bookworm, not a jock or an athelete. I’ve never fit in with athletic crowds and so, I stick pretty much to my happy little circle of geeks.

    When I talk to people like you and Dawn, I realize that there are runners out there that are HUMAN… who don’t look down their noses is you’re not some speed machine and who have fun with running. Geez, if there’s more like you out there, I might just be convinced to come out of my shell a bit. Especially if there’s eats and bevvy’s involved…

  3. Sarah’s comment is the BEST blog comment I have ever received!

    Many runners I have talked to outside the CRR think that members are PB-spitting speed monsters, while in reality most of us are regular people who fit running into the rest of their lives, just like you.

    Up until I started running at age 33, I always thought runners and most athletes were crazy elitist nuts. I really didn’t see what value sports had in developing a person’s character until I learned to run. I always thought mind strength was so much more important than physical development, until I actually learned a lot of life lessons out there picking up one foot after the other.

    There are a LOT of runners in different groups with whom I’ve run, that all say the same thing: “Nobody realizes how social this sport really IS.”

    Thanks, Sarah.

  4. Sometimes I wish I was in a running club. They sound like fun.

    What’s a “Big Rock Honey Brown”? A burger?

  5. I’m with Jon, I try to start my own running club (i have a problem starting things don’t i?) but then i get injured or pregnant and it all alls apart. I am a social runner to, I have a terrible time running by myself. The RBF helps though!!


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