Posted by: Karen | May 11, 2007

Soccer Mom Stories

I’m spending a lot of time out beside soccer fields this month and next. I realize this is a blog about my running, but my kids do a lot of running out there on the field, so it sort of counts.

* * *

Soccer Boy’s first game of the season was an exhibition game against a feisty team from a younger age group. The teams were well matched with no clear dominance evident, even though many on the opposing team were smaller. At one point Soccer Boy twisted his ankle and as I tended to him, I remarked about his opponents’ strategy. He straightened up and grinned “I’m like those dragon lizards – just trying to look BIG!” It does work sometimes.

* * *

Monday night I settled in beside Little Runner’s field. She’s 11 and this is her first soccer season. I really hesitated to sign her up for a team sport, but she really, really wanted this, so here we are. She’s the smallest one on her team, and a little more clueless than the other girls about what to do out there sometimes, but her team mates are generously patient with her. When she seizes a moment to rush to the ball, oftentimes the others will back off and let her at it. She kicks the ball, I cheer her on, we both feel elated, and we have redeemed the full value of registration and rushing through supper.

Oh yes, back to Monday’s game. Hubby hadn’t made it to one of Little Runner’s games yet due to work and being there for Soccer Boy at his fields. Monday night, early in the second half, he made it to her field and started cheering her on. It was funny, the moment she realized he was there. She was running away from us on the field, towards the play, and then her upper body turned back towards him. She stopped and her whole face lit up like a firecracker as she turned back and waved, totally oblivious to the play. Hilarious! and beautiful.

* * *

Wednesday night we had a double header. Little Runner played at 6:15 and Soccer Boy played at 8:00. I volunteered as Line Flag Waver for her first half, then left the game at half time to get Soccer Boy to his field 3 neighbourhoods away. I had a ride arranged for LR, so set myself to stringing up the nets for SB’s game. Eventually we settled down in the biting wind and watched the boys play while the sun set.

SB was one of the fastest runners out there (my totally unbiased opinion). It is a pleasure to watch how his skill and strength have improved over the years, and I really enjoy watching his games.

By half time both LR and I were shivering, despite snuggling up together in our winter coats, sweaters, mitts, and three fleece blankets. I leaned over and asked another mom if she could bring our boy home, as LR was starting to fade. “Yeah,” said LR, “and I’m getting tired, too.” Aw.



  1. I love those stories!!!! Great ones to remember. I love your header, too, btw…

  2. a magical moment and memory … Those are the best.. thanx for sharing it

    happy trails
    GP in Montana:lol::lol:

  3. Hey Soccer Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these. Loved it.


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