Posted by: Karen | May 11, 2007


Last night was one of those nights when all of the planets lined up for my run. At 5 pm I was sure I wouldn’t be able to squeeze it in, but one by one all my excuses were magically eliminated. Before 7 pm I strode out in the evening sunshine in my running togs, feeling strangely like Cinderella must have felt stepping out of her carriage at the ball. 

Well, except I didn’t have glass slippers on. I had on running shoes with sticky bud-cases caked on the soles, from Tuesday’s run under newly green trees.

And there was no prince to woo, just a couple of upcoming trail races calling me up and over the neighbourhood’s big grassy hills. The hills that have courted me with wild crocuses over the last month still had a few purple fuzzies left in shady crevices, but now were mostly covered in bright yellow buffalo beans and budding buttercups.

It took me awhile to warm up, but by 35 minutes I was boldly charging up hills with a mad grin/grimace on my face, egging myself on out loud between lung-busting gasps. Oxygen depletion has an odd way of making hill play interesting.

I returned home after a 50 minute workout, pleased as punch. My carriage turned back into a pumpkin, and I returned to my mommy-merry-go-round while I hummed a little tune.



  1. Nice! I can’t wait to get on the trails. You inspire!!


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