Posted by: Karen | May 10, 2007

Tuesday Newbies

Even though I neglected to actually announce Newbie Night on the blog, we still had a few new runners show up Tuesday night with the Calgary Roadrunners‘ 10k group near Edworthy Park. I had e-mailed invitations to several inquirers from the CRR site and posted a message on our local tpcalgary Yahoogroups board.

Jaime brought her husband Jim and their cute baby boy. Jim ran 12 x 200m repeats with the skinny-fast folks. Jaime stayed with us and pushed the baby, who rode happily and quietly in the baby stroller.

I divided my running time between Jen and Sherry, who motored along quite nicely together, and looped back for Jaime a couple of times. Looping back was easy – catching up to Jen and Sherry again was not, but the forced speed was good for me.
We ran to the Crowchild bridge and back, about 6 km. We took 1 minute walk breaks every 5 minutes. Maybe a little ambitious for a first night out? Next time we might run for time – say, 20-25 minutes out and then run back.

I had fun looping (going loopy) around trees as I ran back with Jaime at the end. Somehow I was better motivated by the trees than I was by the straight paved pathway. My trail brain is getting stronger and stronger. Later Jaime confirmed with her husband that yes, Karen IS just a little bit crazy.
We saw one of my former running buddies Linda and her husband Paul  towards the end, and had a nice visit over ice cream.
There are a couple of interested new folks who didn’t make it last night but will later in the month – I’m looking forward to meeting them, too.



  1. Trail brain? Is that the one that spots the roots before they jump up and grab your ankle?


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