Posted by: Karen | May 3, 2007

Lovin’ the Rain

Monday night I watched a soccer game. Tuesday I showed up at Gord’s and went for a walk/run with Krista. Last night (Wednesday) I watched my kids in two consecutive soccer games, one after the other, on different fields. We had some cool breezes and lots of clouds, but no rain fell on my soccer kids.

Today it rained all day, and I welcomed it – no soccer scheduled for tonight! Calgary is a fairly dry place – we have to enjoy rain when it comes. I cooked up a big pot of chili with biscuits for dinner, and then headed out the door afterwards for a quick 5k around the neighbourhood.

Rainy runs are gifts from God. Rain smells sooooo good! The sound of it falling is mesmerizing, and the moist air feels good, especially because it’s not snow.

It was a mere drizzle by the time I went out, and I enjoyed splashing in little puddles here and there. The run itself didn’t feel particularly awesome; I had niggly aches and I got tired too quickly. I don’t just run to feel good, though. I run because I like how my mind wanders, along with my body. I like thinking about how the ground feels under my feet, how the wind feels fresh on my face, how running around missing trees along the boulevards makes me think of people I miss.

I raced a fire engine for part of my run. As I was heading down into the neighbourhood two fire trucks screamed by with sirens blaring. 10 minutes later I found them stopped in front of an apartment building, with several inhabitants having been evacuated. They all looked bored, but some chuckled when I asked “Who burned their dinner!”

Dawn would have been jealous of my route tonight. Not only did I see fire trucks, but a little further along I saw a couple of police cars and some officers standing around shooting the breeze. One was having a smoke and I shook my head, “tsk”. Another officer told him he should be out running, like this one here. Ah, nice to be noticed.



  1. Some of my favorite runs have been in the rain. It’s so soothing, almost like another world.

  2. I love warn, rainy day runs because of the quiet that comes with so many people staying inside. The only thing better are runs during or right after a fresh snow fall on a Sunday morning. Now you have me looking foward to a rainy day! πŸ˜›

  3. Sounds lovely, especially the rain. No no wait, especially the police and firemen! πŸ™‚

  4. Heh, I ran in the rain as well. I did see a couple of cop cars and I’m sure if they noticed me they were saying “heh, its that crazy pinkchick”….lol

  5. I need to run with you when the weather is like that! I grew up in the Martimes and now I adore the warm, dry sunshine of Calgary. To be outside in the rain and have that sense of humour is a true gift. πŸ™‚

  6. I looooove running in the rain too. Though after the chilly days we’ve had, I’m looking forward to running in 16C this afternoon. If my sore body cooperates! Great job on the run!

  7. My weekend was much more exciting than that, but I don’t think I can put most of it in print! But I might try. LOL!!!


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