Posted by: Karen | April 30, 2007

Weekend Run and Police Half Cheering

Saturday I enjoyed my newest favourite trail route again as I ran past hundreds of crocuses still blooming happily on the hills. My legs weren’t very happy with the run, as they were still recovering from Wednesday, but the rest of me made them do it.

Sunday morning Little Runner and I arose bright and early, packed up some snacks and headed out to the Police Half Marathon route to cheer on some friends.

Nancy met us at the hill coming out of the Weaselhead Park and stationed herself near the top. I walked down around the corner to the bottom and put up my favourite cheering sign that says “Be Strong”. I gave out chalk to a few other folks waiting to cheer, and encouraged them to write a message on the paved path. I wrote a few of my own messages: “Up Up Up”, “Go Go Go”, and “Think Light”. A volunteer wrote my favourite message half way up the hill: “I (heart) hills”.

As the racers headed up the hill I chattered loudly at them encouraging things like:

  • This is IT, racers! This is the hill you’ve been waiting for a-a-all race!
  • You paid for this hill. You trained for this hill. Enjoy it!
  • Repeat after me: “I GET TO RUN THE HILL NOW!” 
  • Keep smiling – smiles make you lighter!
  • Remember all those hill repeats you did in training? You only have to do THIS hill ONCE.
  • Nothing to it racers, run right through it. 
  • YOU are a HELIUM BALLOON. Float on up that hill!
  • Conquer the hill, warriors!

Dawn smiles as she runs to the top.I garnered a lot of smiles, several thumbs up, and more than a few tired dirty looks. It was fun to cheer on several Roadrunners I knew by name. Julie tossed me her long sleeved shirt – no need for her to carry it further. I even saw the Mayor grinning as he headed up.

Eventually the crowd thinned out. I cleaned up a few littered gel wrappers and packed up the snacks. I was heading back down the hill to cheer on Dawn when we saw the First Aid cyclists coming up the hill with another runner. They saw me in my bright pink fleece and told me “Dawn saw your sign – she’s right behind us.”

I checked my watch. Cool! She was 15 minutes ahead of my estimated schedule for her! I started hooting my Woohoos as I hurried down the hill, hoping that she’d hear them before I got to her. Dawn ran up the whole hill, and continued on to a fantastic finish.



  1. lurker (and newbie to Calgary) dying to get the specifics of your current fave trail run. Have never even seen a Prairie Crocus (I’ve moved from out East) and need to learn more trails in the city. Would love it if you could share. Thanks, Trish

  2. Thanks for being there for me!

  3. Oh, Karen, I think this Californian needed you more than the Canadians to get up her recent hill. Seriously, those have to be some of the best lines of encouragement I’ve ever read/heard. Love especially “you paid for this hill” and the helium balloon imagery.


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