Posted by: Karen | April 25, 2007

Trail Running Soccer Mom

Tonight both my kids had soccer practice on fields next to each other at about the same time. The fields were within walking distance of home, so I walked the kids to the field and then took off running.

Like Sunday, I slalomed between trees on the boulevards en route to the hilly parks. I added in a different park in Ranchlands this time and was encouraged by hundreds of prairie crocuses. I guess they bloom for a couple of weeks, not just a few days. I made it up to the Hawkwood-Edgemont bridge over Sarcee in 32 minutes, and then turned around and headed back to the soccer fields.

When I got back after 56 minutes of running, the coaches and kids were still going strong. There was a chilly breeze and I wasn’t dressed for standing around, so I ran three more laps around the soccer/baseball plateau while the kids finished up.

At the end of the teenage boys’ practice, Coach got the parents out on the field for a kind of scrimmage. He had the boys play in their designated positions, and we parents tried our best to be moving obstacles. Every now and then Coach would blow a whistle and point out a flaw in their positioning strategy. It gave us parents a break, too.

I enjoyed running out on the field with the team, but it was very apparent to me why I’m a runner, not a soccer player (…yet. never say never). I don’t deek, unless I’m avoiding a stationary tree. Oh, and I can’t receive a soccer pass for the life of me. When one of the parents passed directly to me I managed to catch the ball between both my feet and fall right over it. You know you’ve been trying hard when you have grass stains on your knees!



  1. Soccer is a dangerous sport. I don’t even want to know what deeking is.

  2. Hey if my mother had heard I’d been with a lady with grass stains on her knees I’d have had all contact withdrawn right away!

    One must have standards you know!

    Keep on tapering.


  3. 🙄

  4. I was never any good (and the streak continues) at any sport that required quickness and agility, so soccer would definitely be out for me.

    Off the subject, something I am sharing with my fellow crazy runners… Go to my blog and click on the video link under my April 27 post. It is absolutely hilarious, and really makes you wonder why we do this crazy stuff!

  5. What a great use of time! The soccer drills I think would be good for running and stability. But I’m a lousy soccer player!


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