Posted by: Karen | April 25, 2007

Hawkwood Trails

It’s been a busy week and I still haven’t blogged Sunday’s run. I didn’t have much time, as I was cleaning house and had a birthday dinner to prepare, but I did get out for an hour of mostly trail type running.

In my neighbourhood we have grassy boulevards with trees planted between the sidewalk and the street. Instead of running on the straight, hard sidewalk, I zigzagged between the trees on the boulevard whenever I could. There were a few blocks here and there between hilly parks where I had to run on pavement or concrete, but I spent much of my hour climbing up one side of a prairie hill and careening down the other.

Since last week had been so cold and wet, there were still a few prairie crocuses out blooming way up on one of the Hawkwood hills. I ran up and across the bridge over Sarcee Trail and then made my way home again.

Soccer season is now in full swing, and we’re spending at least a couple of evenings a week on windy fields. Both of my kiddos have practices on the same fields at the same time tonight, so I’ll see if I can work in a run while they’re out kicking.


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