Posted by: Karen | April 20, 2007

Slush, Beer and More Flames

Yesterday it tried to snow much of the day, but it turned to slush when it landed. It was still sleeting sideways when I showed up at the Key West Bar & Grill for Roadrunner’s Club Night at 6:30. I realized the turn-out would be low, but I figured there might be at least one other crazy runner showing up, and we crazy runners have to stick together.

What do you know? Jason and Ken were there, and Ken had brought his friend Ed. I wasn’t the only crazy one.

We hit the river pathway at a tempo pace (for me) and did a token 5k between 14th St. and Prince’s Island Park. We probably could have gone further, but the fast strong guys were happily tapering for big events this weekend, Ed’s knee was acting up, and I was contentedly soaking wet enough for bragging rights. There is something about claiming the run together, especially in rough weather, that adds to a group’s sense of accomplishment.

After the run I changed into warm fuzzy clothes (aaahhhh) and ordered a beer (sorry, Ron, no Leffe at this place). We visited in between watching hockey and wondering what was taking the nachos so long to arrive.

After I got home I tuned in to catch the last half of Survivor, and still had time to watch the final period of the Flames game after that. My underdog Flames tied the series up nicely. Go Flames Go!



  1. Yeah Flames! Yeah Survivor! Yeah Karen!

  2. In the olden days when I was at school, I was always taught that the whole world was a warm place – and only in England was it cold.

    In particular I distinctly recall North America being very pink in hue on the map – and I took this as some kind of temperature gauge.

    So, as I sit here 36 hours away from a London Marathon that looks as though it will be run with temperatures hitting the mid 20’s and humidity sky high – I just feel very, very jealous.

    I just hope the Kenyans can keep up with me though – I sure don’t want the race to become a lottery.

    Keep on tapering.


  3. Sounds like you have the weather we have (temporarily) left behind. Snow and mush. Hope its gone soon.

  4. Beer and nachos after a run–is there anything better?? Well, for me, maybe a ‘rita with the nachos 😉

  5. I love those runs when people driving by look at you and think you’re crazy. SUCH a feeling of satisfaction!


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