Posted by: Karen | April 18, 2007

Shorts and Flames

The last couple of days we’ve had some beautiful weather, and I was able to wear shorts to run with the group from Gord’s Store last night. We ran down the hill in front of the Ukrainian church, past the homeless center, then west to 10th St. and back up the curling club hill.

Attendance was still sparse, but luckily for me a new guy showed up and kept me company on the medium distance. Darshan used to run with the Gord’s group several years ago, but has recently returned to running, so my pace was comfortable for him for now. Since the weather was so nice, there were all sorts of interesting folks hanging around the Langevin Bridge, and I was grateful for the company.

* * *

I listened to the Flames game on the way home, and continued following it on t.v. once I got there. I tried to remain relaxed and detached as I watched (to avoid painful disappointment), but our team played hard and I found myself talking animately at the players half way through the game. My son frowned and scolded me, but I told him that it is a Canadian tradition to cheer hockey games out loud, wherever you are. Ask my dad.

The Flames won. I happily went to the closet, dug out my car flag, and affixed it to my car. Okay, NOW we’re in the playoffs 🙂



  1. My wings had to let your Flames win one, or you’d all of gotten mad and stayed home, hehe! Run Good!

  2. It took me a while to figure out the Flames were a hockey team. And ditto on the Wings. 🙂


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