Posted by: Karen | April 16, 2007

Hares, Tortoises and Carcasses

I’m trying to read a book called Hare Brain Tortoise Mind, but the first part of the book keeps emphasizing how important the unconscious mind is, and I keep falling asleep.

Funny conversation I had Saturday:
I went to retrieve Little Runner from a neighbour’s house to go look at the wild crocuses and told the neighbour what I was up to.
“You’re going to WHAT?” said the neighbour.
“Look at crocuses with my daughter.” says I.
“Oh, for a minute there I thought you said carcasses!” she sighs, much relieved.
I didn’t miss a beat.
“No, if we were going to look at carcasses I’d be taking my SON.”

I’m working on a post with some amazingly profound thoughts about being a slow runner, based on the tortoise and hare fable. It’s still not up here yet, because it’s coming along reeeally slowly.


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