Posted by: Karen | April 15, 2007

Fuzzy Purple Blessings

Thursday night, admittedly due to poor planning and discipline, I watched t.v., helped a child with homework, and then somehow thought I could still get in a decent run after that. Silly me. I simultaneously flipped between my favourite show Survivor: Fiji and the Calgary Flames’ first game of the ’07 Stanley Cup playoffs. The hockey game was disappointing, as was the end result of the Survivor episode, but I ended up watching them both anyway.

By the way? I will not be affixing my Calgary Flames flag to my car window until the Flames win a game in this playoff series. Just one win, please…

I did scramble out the door at dusk, but the put-off hill workout was put-off at me. Within 15 minutes of looping up around one hill, my belly gave me an urgent warning signal to return home. Pronto. I never made it back outside. The belly even had me up for a while in the middle of the night, and I was very grateful we’d recently stocked up on the Imodium.

Yes, we runners talk about crap like that in public. We’re annoying that way.

* * *

Saturday morning hope sprang eternal, and I dressed in running togs to tackle a hilly trail route. I dropped off Soccer Boy at his first practice of the season and ran dow-ow-own into Bomont Park. The first km or two involved a hard, paved path under a canopy of big poplars, but after that I climbed up into the park on dirt paths and ran the rest of the time on soft stuff.

The sun shone, and crocuses cheered me with their light purple fuzziness poking through the dead brown grasses. I LOVE these flowers. They remind me of my mom. Every spring in my childhood, Mom would take us out to a prairie hill and we’d marvel at these early bloomers. After a cold hard winter, these harbingers of spring cheer me right up.

I ran deep into the park, following what I remembered of the Silver Springs XC route. When I saw big bunches of the crocuses, I’d stop for a moment to count them. One bunch, right at the foot of the biggest, hardest hill, had 21 blossoms cheering me on.

I didn’t want to turn back – I wanted to keep running there all day! I compromised by finishing the run, taking the boy home, and bringing Little Runner back later for a little hike and flowery photo session.



  1. 🙄 Yes almost all runners will eventually tell you an evacuation mishap story, if youhang around them long enough, hehe Run, and poo Good!

  2. OBTW, Go Wings!

  3. Nice…. really nice. Just really pleasant to read. Felt like I was on the prairie with the crocuses. Mmmmm.


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