Posted by: Karen | April 11, 2007

Running Weather

Last night was perfect running weather. It was just above freezing with a fresh breeze and misty precipitation that couldn’t decide whether it was rain or snow.

Not your idea of perfect?

Hey, any run when I don’t have to…

  • vaseline around my eyes to prevent the skin from freeze drying
  • balance over re-frozen slush
  • suffer the ache of extremities slowly losing feeling
  • wonder why I didn’t bring my snowshoes
  • carry rocks in my pockets so I don’t get blown off course

…is close enough to perfect for me.

I ran with Kelly from Gord’s Store. Kelly normally runs faster than me, but has a very encouraging way of hanging back when I’m the only slowpoke to show up. We had nice little chats when I wasn’t sucking wind and wondering how much fitness I’ve lost over the last couple of months of slacking off.

We ran down the Center Street bridge and along the riverside pathways. The mist softly settled luscious little droplets on my glasses and face. I splashed in a few puddles and didn’t miss my boring old couch at all.



  1. I enjoy your posts… especially becausae I can relate to some of the things you don’t like about running (like balancing on frozen slush!)

    They say today is supposed to be warm(er), so I’m looking forward to getting outside!

  2. Four years ago, almost exactly, I ran an 18-mile training run in 20*F weather. Now, “Just above freezing” would send me over the edge! I have become the world’s biggest weather weenie in the past 2.5 years!!

    So I send props to you guys from Florida! Y’all are STUDS!! 🙂


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