Posted by: Karen | April 7, 2007

Digging Down

Today is the first day in April that I haven’t had to clean snow off my car. The snow is still this deep on the ground. My unaccepting attitude towards this un-spring has been contributing to too many evenings on the couch with the remote in one hand and a brownie in the other.

I’ve tried visualizing the K-100 race route I’m to race in June. I’ve looked at my starving running log. I’ve reminded myself that the 18 km trail route of Leg 10 is not going to be easy, and I’d better train. I’d better train, because 9 other team mates will be waiting for me to finish their race.

You know what? That didn’t do it. I still didn’t get out running yesterday. I went to the mall in search of spring, instead. I wanted the perfect swishy, printed, floral versatile skirt. I scoured through 900 stores in two malls. You know what I found?


Fuzzy, pink, wonderfully soft, warm mitts. ON SALE, in store #42. I bought two pairs for under $6, and knew that even if I didn’t find Spring? I’d still have new, fuzzy, pink warm mitts in which to go running. I did eventually find my spring skirt, and emptied my savings account on an adorable short-sleeved sweater to match, but the mitts? They got me out the door this morning.

I ran, but not for the K-100. I ran for Right Now. I ran as if this could be the last time I might ever run in snow. I rose to the challenge of it shifting under my feet, I heard the crunch, I relished the taste of the biting cold breeze, I hurtled my beating heart over the white landscape.

I tucked my thumbs into the fingers portion of my mitts to keep them warm with the rest. As I did so, I thought of friends who are grieving and facing hard times. I prayed and cried as I careened down hills. At the bottom I wiped my tears with my fuzzy (oh gloriously soft) mitts and silently told my sad friends “Don’t be afraid of the bottom, for it’s only looking up from there.” Then I took them with me, one by one, one step at a time, back up the hill and home.

Spring is coming, friends. Hang in there.



  1. I fear this is just the beginning of turbulent climate changes for north america. A small melting in the caps may raise sea levels an inch or two, but I’m afraid it will shift the gulf stream and land up all into a mini ice age while everyone else warms up. Doesn’t seem fair.

    Sounds like your run was a good one, Karen. I’d stock up on those mitts.

  2. Maybe if I went shopping for fuzzy pick mitts I could quite starving my running log?:roll:

  3. Mitts? What’s the matter with you colonials??

    Get out there in your vest and shorts and work up a sweat – that’ll soon stop you thinking of the cold.

    You’d never catch this ruftie, tuftie kiddie here running in gloves.

    Mind you, we are basking in warm 21 degrees sunshine so Spring has Sprung on this side of the pond. Hang on in there – it’ll be with you soon.

    Your last para brought a little tear to this softies eyes though Downhill.

    Keep on tapering.


  4. You had me laughing out loud, and then crying inside. Well done daughter dear!
    And I do love your mitts. XOX, Mom


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