Posted by: Karen | April 3, 2007

April Fool’s Gone Too Far


This is my car this morning, right now. No kidding. We are NOT amused.

If you do want some amusement, however, go over and visit one of England’s finest. He’s a very busy celebrity, so don’t expect him to answer in person, or comment back on your blog, unless you’re flirty and wear lots of pink



  1. I thinki it looks so pretty in Canadialand – over here in Engand we haven’t seen snow for years.
    And do you want to know why?
    Global warming.
    And who is responsible?
    Yup, you got it.
    Make sure you’ve got your wellies on if you’re out running tonight.

    Keep on tapering.


  2. I could not agree more. ENOUGH with WINTER! 😡


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