Posted by: Karen | April 2, 2007

Toddy Now, Tortoise Later

I’m in my spring slump – that part of every spring when the X-C series is over and I no longer have a good reason to live run. The snow outside is intolerable and I have not run for over a week.

I’ve been planning a very cool blog post on a tortoise and the hare theme, but, um, it’s coming along verrrrry slowwwly.

My ears also feel totally plugged from a head cold that I’m getting fighting off with a hot lemon brandy rum. Usually there’s no rum involved, but there’s barely enough brandy left, so I’ve had to supplement it. Be thankful I’m not supplementing with tequila, my sentences would ramble on even more then.

I do have inspiring thoughts of my commitment to anchor Leg 10 in the the K-100 relay shining through gloomy spring snow clouds between me and the Kananaskis mountains in 10 weeks. (are you sure there’s no tequila in this?)

Maybe that will get me out in my spandex tomorrow, head cold or not.




  1. I’m in the same slump! I.HATE.SNOW!!!:sad:


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