Posted by: Karen | March 25, 2007

Pot Luck and Third

This year the AG awards were handpainted by XC committee members. One of a kind - cool!Calgary’s avid cross country racers often feel a little sad at the end of the Grand Prix season. We realize how much fun we’ve been having, crazily romping through various parks and warming up with soup together every couple of weeks, so we hold a pot luck banquet to console ourselves at the end.

Pot luck, in the sense that everyone contributes to the food menu, but we contribute in other ways, too. Some folks came early to set up tables, others helped set out dishes and food, presented awards, set up a slideshow, drew for door prizes, and cleaned up. We also brought our memories of the season and happily shared them along with the food.

In a sense, races are a lot like pot luck dinners. Everybody brings what they’ve got and everyone takes something home with them, one way or another. Sometimes one takes home a new recipe or a new running strategy. Sometimes participants are inspired or challenged to try something different, and there is always something learned in the process (which reminds me, I have to find out who brought the amazing pork tenderloin with chutney last night).

The luck part of these kinds of dinners shows through at raceThird Place Women's 40-49 Age Group Awards, in that the awards often involve a little luck. Racers bring their own best efforts, but they don’t control who else shows up or what speed their competitors bring that day. Grand prix series are complex versions of pot luck races, with the added depth of points systems covering multiple races.

Still with me? ‘Cause now we can get to the fun part; my bragging. Remember way back in ’05, when I came in fourth in this series in my age group? and I didn’t think I would do any better anytime soon? This year I came in THIRD. Say what you want about luck, but this year I brought it consistently when others didn’t. It counts, and I’ll enjoy my status while it lasts.


  1. Nice job, Karen! Congrats! Never say never.

    Next year, we’ll be looking for second from you. 😉

  2. Heyhey! That’s outstanding Karen! You earned it!!

  3. I’m happy for you and I get to use the mug if I ever come to visit!:wink:

  4. Fill that adorable mug with champagne. Cheers to you on your hard-won award!

  5. That’s my girl!

  6. Congrats on the 3rd place! I came in 5th in my category (out of 5, but we wont talk about that). FYI, the pork tenderloin was from Sunterra Market in Signal Hill, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  7. What ho my little Colonial!!

    I’ve been so busy with my new-found celebrity status in a place called New Zealand that I missed your news.

    Great news though on coming 3rd in your XC series.

    Interesting concept that Pot Luck thing too. We have something similar here where we take food along and leave it for somebody else to take home. I think they’re called charity shops.

    Keep on tapering.



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