Posted by: Karen | March 24, 2007

Spring is Winning

This week we’ve had a few snow squalls, and more than once I’ve had to brush snow and even chip ice off my car in order to use it in the mornings. Yet every afternoon when I’ve headed home from work, the snow and ice has melted.

Hurray for spring!

It is so nice to be running outside in the sunshine, with dry ground welcoming my every step. This week I ran from Gord’s with Kelly and Vickie on Tuesday, and it was nice to see Penguins Krista, Linda, and Dawn again. There was a nasty cold wind and I wished I’d brought my earmuffs. We ran about 6 km down by the river and saw great big chunks of ice breaking up and melting.

Yay spring!

Thursday I ran on my own in my little hilly neighbourhood. My legs were whiny and my pace varied all over the place, but I did manage about 5.5 km before heading in. I ran slalom-style on the grass in between the boulevard trees. That’s more fun than running straight on the concrete sidewalk, and keeps my “trail legs” conditioned. There was some gushy mud between some trees on the boulevard, which was good – it wasn’t frozen into hard bumps.

Spring is winning!

Today I’m whipping up something wonderful to take to the CRR X-C Grand Prix series wrap up banquet. I’m excited about tonight, because I’m to receive TWO awards.

*I* am winning!

I’ll tell you more about the awards tomorrow.



  1. Spring is coming! At least I hope so… we’re having snowsqualls today here. Enough already!


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