Posted by: Karen | March 14, 2007

Four Hoover Hills

hoover.jpgI talk a lot about how I enjoy running hills, and most of the time I do, but tonight? The hills sucked like a vacuum cleaner.

I ran over to the running store and gamely warmed up with the marathon group on the way to the hill. They were not doing little 400m hill repeats tonight, they were running all the way up to the 650m mark and I said to myself “Sure, why not?”

I aimed for a minimum of 3 runs up, and eked out 4. Thinking ahead to the K-100 this June gave me motivation to keep running all the way up.

I might have made it a 5th time, but my body hadn’t been too thrilled with the ones I’d done, so I headed home. The temperature dropped quickly after sunset, and I hadn’t dressed right. Besides, I don’t want to be too tired for the St. Pat’s 10k this Saturday, right?  Excuses, excuses… 

Even though I was darn tired and cold on the way home, I still kept on running. I marvelled at the fact that even though my run didn’t feel great, I was still doing it. The next one will be better.



  1. Tomorrow? Go girl go!


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