Posted by: Karen | March 7, 2007

Eight Hills and a Brownie

Tonight I ran 8 x 400m hill repeats on the Hawkwood 3-minute hill.

It was a lovely night and I required neither coat nor mitts. I splashed through rivers of melting snow, but otherwise stayed out of the puddles this time. I saw 2 rabbits on the way to the store and one more zipping across a field near the hill. White rabbits don’t blend in well around here this week.

Tim and I chatted when I wasn’t totally out of breath. The last 50m of every single repeat were tough, but I ran ’em.

Oi. Hills – I love ’em, but they’re so demanding. Maybe I love them because they’re demanding? Ah well, they’ll make me strong. And they really helped me earn that post-run brownie, too.



  1. Hi Karen, it’s been a while since I’ve made the rounds…terrible busy here on the east coast these days. Hills are great aren’t they?! Brownies are better.

    I love your new-look blog.

  2. Mmmm, the brownie…. they could get me to do hills if they went ahead of me with a brownie on a stick….

  3. Ah….brownie…need a BROWNIE myself.

    MUST I do the hills? 14.6 today. Ouch ouch pay the PIGGY


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