Posted by: Karen | March 4, 2007

I Love Running in the Springtime

The sun shone, a lot of ice melted, and I joyfully ran downhill forever in 9C/48F today. I ran in cooler breezes in Florida in shorts last month, but today I wore leggings. You never know – the weather can change real fast here in Calgary.

I started out on fairly flat terrain for the first 20 minutes (to post a birthday card). Then my run gradually flowed down Silver Springs Boulevard and even further down to the river level of Bowmont Park over the next 25 minutes.

Here’s an example of the view I had of Bowmont park before I descended to the bottom. Though I stayed on the paved path this time, I will be tackling more of the dirt trails here as the ice disappears from them later in the year.

I jogged, walked, rested, sipped Ultima and took a gel along the flat at the bottom. Note to self: Raspberry Clif Shots taste no less bitter than the Mango ones – ick. Go back to chocolate.

Shortly after the 8th km I turned around and ran back up up up home. The strange formations of the melting ice and slush on and beside the sidewalks amused me, and I let my mind wander.

A strange thing happened at about the 10th km – I started to feel good. I’d been having a pretty good run to begin with, but now I felt even stronger. Strange. Even after working my way back up out of the valley for 20 minutes (with a few 30 second walk breaks), even when I still had 3 km of uphill remaining, I tricked myself out of all remaining walk breaks and ran the last 4 km home in a row.

“Just run to that utility box up there.”
“Nah don’t stop here, how about to that crosswalk.”
“Oh look, 4 more trees and there’s a little flat stretch.”
“Don’t stop now, only one more block to the lights. Rest there.”
“Green light. No stopping. Run to the next one.”
“Shoot, another green light. Walk on the other side.”
“You can’t walk here. All that traffic is sitting there watching you. Suck it up that last little hill.”
“Admit it. You like this last hill.”
“Do whatcha love, love whatcha do… Smooooth Operator….”
“Now the last km home is all downhill, Darlin’. Kick it in!”

The Clif Shot must have done it’s magic. Whatever – I splashed through the biggest puddles I could find in the last, 14th km and finished the run feeling strong and amazing.



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