Posted by: Karen | February 28, 2007

Special Kind of Crazy

This morning I brushed 2 inches of feathery-dry white stuff off my car, and many residential streets around here are covered in hard-packed shifty stuff the consistency of wet sand.

Before tonight the only running I’d done since before Family/President’s Day was the gentle trot behind Little Runner at this weekend’s race. I should have run Monday, but took a “Florida Wimp Out Recovery Night” and stayed curled up on the couch with the remote. I hadn’t done any true hill repeats since January, and tonight I paid for that.

I showed up at the local running store and joined up with the marathon group to do some hills. We jogged all together 20 minutes away to the bottom of a nice, gentle long hill for repeats, and set to it.

The sidewalk on which I ran was mostly snow-covered, but I’d worn my Yaktrax and didn’t mind. Others ran on the road, but I still have one more XC coming up this season, and the variable terrain is good for me. Heck, if I’m doing hills to build character, why not throw in shifty footing to build even more? Keep thinking about those big trail races I’m signed up for – that will get me up, up, up.

The hill was not a very steep one – not like the lung-busters I face on trail runs, but it did the trick. I was challenged, and I even liked it.

*  Yes, hilly trail runners are a special kind of crazy.  *

It took me over an hour to run to the hill, complete 5 x 600m repeats and run back with the group. Shoot, that’s 3 km of just going up and down – no wonder my cold knees were whiny. Then, just for fun, I stopped by the store on the way home and carried a 4L jug of milk the last km.

By the time I got home I’d been out moving for 90 minutes and I was frozen. And worse, as I warmed up, I ached all over. It took me 3 leftover chicken fingers, 4 toasty hot spanakopitas, a glass of milk, a cup of hot chai tea and a hot bubble bath to warm up. Brrr. I’m not in Florida anymore, but I’m happy to have my hills back.



  1. Welcome home Honey!

  2. You’re gonna be tuff! No…. correction…. you already are!


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