Posted by: Karen | February 24, 2007

Holiday ORNs

Before I get into the details about all the fun we had at amusement parks and even visiting friends in Florida, I’ll post my Obligatory Running Notes. 

My family landed in Orlando, Florida late on Monday, February 12th and we walked around Disney’s Magic Kingdom most of the 13th. Our cheap motel was right next to a really big orange landmark on the main road of 192. I have a history of getting lost on vacations, so I cautiously ran only along 192 for these solitary outings.

Loved this big ol' orange!

By 7 a.m. Wednesday the 14th it was  warm and sunny so I happily headed out in shorts and a long sleeved tech shirt. I ran/walked away from the motel for 15 minutes. Then I tied my shirt around my waist and came back for breakfast and another day of walking – Seaworld this time.

Friday morning I ran away from the motel west into the cold wind for 25 minutes, then turned around and did 8 x 30/30s on the way back before jogging the rest of it in. It was so chilly that I actually sucked my hands back into my long sleeves for the first 15 minutes. The breeze was invigorating though, and thinking of it that way made me smile. Crazy Canadian, running in shorts in such a chilly wind… 

30/30s are an exercise where I run fast for 30 seconds, then jog at half that speed for the next 30. It usually takes my legs a few minutes before they catch on and truly go as fast as they should. The speed felt really good, and alleviated some of my disappointment that there were no hills to be found nearby.

Sunday, February 18, I dragged my sorry tired rear around a little amusement park near the motel. Four out of five days of amusement park walking and Friday’s 30/30s must have been harder on me than I thought. I didn’t fuss about my slow pace, and did a lot of walking in that 38 minutes. The palm trees were tall and glorious, the sky was blue, and the sunrise on the clouds was lovely. Oh yeah, and I was moving along dry ground – how could I complain?



  1. You lucky dog! Must have been a shock to get home 😦


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