Posted by: Karen | February 7, 2007

Fluff, Ice, a Big Hill and a Pit Stop

Tonight I was late getting out the door for my run because I couldn’t get my right Yaktrax on my shoe. It kept doing the rubber band thing and flying *boing* across the foyer. Funny, but not helpful.

I needed the Yaktrax because, well, remember all those puddles I jumped in Monday? Yesterday they all froze solid, and since then the angels have been having pillow fights all over creation. All the trees are white and frosty, and I keep having to brush fluffiness off my car. It looks gorgeous out there, if you can take your eyes off the slippery terrain for a second.

I did get to the Running Room in time to say hey to Tim and learn that the 10k and Half M groups would be running 6k up around Hawkwood together. We went up the Nose Hill Drive hill to the lights. I have to give that hill a more macho name, because it is BIG. 

We ran across the top of Hawkwood and then wound back down, down, down into my neighbourhood. There was a LOT of lovely gentle downhill on the way back, which happily made up for that hard uphill at the beginning. I should have enjoyed it more, but my stomach gave me some grief and I had ditch Tim to stop by the 7-11 on the way back. He wisely stuck with the group so as not to get lost. Sorry, Tim!

I felt a little better after that on the way home, but I’m glad I stopped when I did. Sometimes runners’ tummies are just like that. It was still a good run.



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