Posted by: Karen | February 5, 2007

Got My Feet Wet

Heck, tonight I splashed through puddles so big I got my knees wet. I could have picked my way over ice and snow around the sidewalk-wide, 4 foot long puddles, but I didn’t see the point.

One of the great things about Calgary weather is the Chinooks. Late last week I was shivering while shovelling my sidewalk; tonight I was running around without a jacket with all that snow going splish under my feet.

Some of that snow went splish. Some of it was packed hard and hadn’t melted yet. That stuff was slick. I got a good core/balanced-running workout on some big glossy stretches.

The BEST part was the puddles! I didn’t avoid them at all. They were way more fun than the ice. The cool water woke up my feet and gushed in my shoes and made me grin with childish glee. Wheee!

I enjoyed myself so much I went the long way around my block when I got home, for a total of 7.3 km. Warm fuzzy socks and sweat pants always feel even better after a wet-footed run.


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