Posted by: Karen | February 4, 2007

Snowy Inspiration

My friend Dawn has a great way of cheering me when we do snowy doubSnow Angelle-loop races together. She leaves me snow angels and little hearts drawn in the snow. Yesterday on my run around the neighbourhood it looked like she’d gone out and done my route ahead of me! Of course she hadn’t – she’d been at home in her own neighbourhood, but I found lots of signs that made me smile out on my route anyway. I was so encouraged by them that I stopped by the house andHeart in the Snow brought the camera around on my second loop.

In the first kilometer I found a snow angel. Aw! I was so enamoured with it that I wrote a big heart beside it with my feet. Further along there was a little heart drawn in the snow, but I forgot to take photo Snow Starsof it. I left a couple of my own snow angels and hearts for others to enjoy too.

I did catch these stars (in my camera). Glove on Fence

Calgary is such a friendly place, even the fences wave hello.

I didn’t make my goal of 12 km; just eked out 11, but I’m fine with that. The camera slowed me down considerably, mostly because I stopped to take the photos, but maybe they’ll get YOU out the door for some fresh air.

Me? I’m going snowshoeing in the mountains today.



  1. Do you ever wonder who did make those marks? Its like looking at caveman drawings and wondering what they were thinking about.

  2. Ha! Those are great! Karen, you and Dawn did a fab job on your new blog theme. I love it. 🙂

  3. fabulous snow angel.
    hope the snow showing was awesome.
    windchills of -35 to -40 here today so it’s the treadmill for me.

  4. Awesome angels.

  5. Hi Karen, what a fabulous pictures, i would love to use the snow angel as my christmas card this year from your friend dawn, would that be ok?
    any chance of the jpg?

    many thanks


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