Posted by: Karen | January 31, 2007

Aren’t the Falls Lovely This Year?

I made it to Frostbite Falls again! This year I even made it on time, without a short-cut, and did a few victory laps before unpacking my lefse to share with all the other Penguins. Last year I didn’t get to FBF until January 35th. Make room in the hot tub, Penguin buddies, I’m diving in!

I only had one kilometer left to get to my goal of 105 km for the month tonight, so essentially I arrived at the falls on my run up to the store, before even meeting up with the group. I ended up running a loop around Ranchlands with Dorothy from the Marathon group. She and I chatted about a couple of her marathons, until I realized that keeping up with her was going to be work. My chatting suffered, but I ran faster and better with her as motivation.

Funny, towards the end when I mentioned that I was going faster to keep up with her? She admitted that she was going a little faster to keep up with me. Hah, that pack mentality works so well for me.

It was about -5C/23F with a blustery NW wind blowing falling snow in whirlwinds around us. There was already a centimeter or two of snow underfoot in most places, so footing was a little challenging. Today’s snow was quite a respite from all the dust the wind blew up yesterday, so I didn’t mind much.

Grand total for the month: 111 km or about 69 miles. Not bad at all.



  1. Not bad? It’s fantastic. Congrats!


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