Posted by: Karen | January 22, 2007

Icy Puddle Jumping

Today after coming home from work I changed immediately into my running clothes – none of this procrastination stuff like I sometimes do. After a light supper I dropped off Little Runner at with her fellow Girl Guides and headed out right away for my run.

Tonight’s run became 47 minutes of icy puddle jumping around my rolling neighbourhood. I gained elevation in at least three separate instances and the legs didn’t complain much like on Saturday. They actually felt really good for most of it, once I got going. I probably could have gone longer – but thoughts of upcoming Wednesday hills sent me home.

Apparently my hill-bank has been re-filled for the week.

I will attempt to take it easy on Wednesday, as this Saturday I’ll be attempting to stay upright in and out of 12-mile Coulee. Thankfully the race isn’t 12 miles long – only 8k or 4k. Considering last year’s ice on that course? That’s plenty.



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