Posted by: Karen | January 20, 2007


That’s the sound my legs made as I tried my first hill this morning.

“You have exceeded your weekly hill quota. Please find flat terrain.”

Hah, when we were merrily going up and down last Wednesday the only parts complaining were the lungs.

Of course, I still went up a big hill anyway, because that was the route I’d planned, and it was “just one”. I hiked up a grassy steep one, because I wanted to enjoy a view. Then I found a road that twisted up further out of the valley and climbed it, too. Most of my 90 minute long run today was flatter, but I had to include an elevation change in there. None of my training runs will be entirely flat this year if I can help it.

The run was a long haul today. I started from our local soccer center (I dropped off Soccer Boy at practice at 8 a.m.) and ran along a flat river road nearby. The road was scimpy on the shoulder and rife with semi-trucks, but they were good about pulling aside for me when they could. I happily chugged along 15 minutes of that before I tackled the first hill and the *ding* happened.

My legs were heavy, even on the way back down. I made it back to the soccer centre in 51 minutes, in time to take SB home, and then I headed back out for a final slow 5 km around my rolling neighbourhood. I was a bit wobbly by the time I got home, but I did it.

Remind me, again, who said “Hills are our friends”? Ah well, how was I going to find my limit if I didn’t try to exceed it?

This run brought to you by a few posts I really enjoyed this week, about which I thought as I chugged along today:

  • I pondered this quote and decided I really like it. Thanks for posting it, Jeanne!
  • A shout out from Brit really brightened my day and gave me a smile as I ran through the snow and ice. Someday I’m going to meet her and give her a big hug.
  • This crazy parody Donald wrote made me laugh out loud, and I loved how he worked in the moral of the story. The tune stuck in my head all the way up a hilly black road today.


  1. I’ll go take a nap on your behalf, Karen. What a fabulous workout! Try this one… pain makes us stronger.

  2. Hey you’re quite welcome! One of my many coaches always said “Hills are your friend,” and she wasn’t kidding.

    That’s some workout you did. Nice job!

  3. Glad I was good for a laugh. I agree with Jeanne, also – hills are the best friend a runner has, once you make your peace with them.

  4. Run Karen Run! You go girl!

  5. “there are no hills…” this is what I usually repeat to myself as I trudge up the non-existent hills on my routes. And then, on the descent, I usually yell, “FREE SPEED!!!”


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