Posted by: Karen | January 17, 2007

Nine Hills

Two weeks ago I did 7 hills and thought it was a lot. Last week it was crazy-freezing outside so we did only 4.

Tonight we did NINE! Actually slightly more than that for me, because I had to run up a hill to get to the store, and then we ran uphill some more to get to the hill. But officially it was 9 repeats of the same 3-minute stretch on Nose Hill Drive.

My running buddy Tim kept me company on the hills and that made it a little easier. Tonight I felt strong and I worked hard in some places, but it didn’t kill me.

Running down from the hill to my home was bliss. Tired bliss. Tired bliss in a hurry, because I was late picking up Soccer Boy from refereeing. Not counting the times we waited for the group (when I stopped my watch), I ran for about 95 minutes.

FBF update: 13.4 km tonight gives me 59.7 km so far on my way to 105 by the end of January. Getting there…



  1. 9 hills already? You must be almost done with the hill training, and heading into speed sessions soon! Great job!

  2. Jan 17. My college boyfriend’s birthday.
    He went to NYC and got cast on a soap opera…
    *just kidding*
    (sort of)

  3. No running for me since Sunday. I’m afeared I may be injured.

  4. wow. I hurt just reading that

  5. Whoo! Great workout! Almost makes me want to go do some hills…


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