Posted by: Karen | January 16, 2007

Cool Beans

Usually when folks ask “what’s new”? I respond with the same ol’ stuff. You know; family, work, running, life chugging right along. Over the last couple of months, though, some things have stood out and made me say “Cool Beans!”.

Over Christmas I was doing some internet searches for races and running groups near my hometown of Camrose. I thought it would be fun to have a little company on my runs when I visit my parents, so what the heck, let’s see what we can find on the internet. I came across the website of a runner about my age, who runs about my speed. She turned out to be a long lost friend from way back in high school. Cool, I didn’t know she’d been running! I’m excited about re-connecting with her and renewing our friendship. Her husband Robert has a nice, simple on-line running log that I’m trying out, as well.

movie-camera.gifDirector Gabino Travassos has had his camera at our local XC races lately. He’s casting for roles in a documentary he’s making about the Calgary running community. At the Silver Springs race he gathered up names of anyone interested in participating, and Saturday he did some screen tests with interested runners. I answered some questions on-camera just for the fun of it. I’m looking forward to seeing the film, whether I end up in it or not.

In the meantime, I’ll be chugging right along with the usual. Last night my run had a delayed start again due to my kid’s haircut (what kind of excuse is that!). I was on a schedule, but did manage to squeeze a run up Apartment Hill into my 30 minute route. It was -1C with 2 cm of mashed-potato snow and melting slush underfoot. 4.2 km last night plus Saturday’s 8 brings me to a Frostbite Falls total of 46.3 km out of 105 so far.  Monday runs are going to have to get longer if I want to get to FBF by the end of the month!



  1. Hey, that is really cool to reconnect with an old high school friend in such a modern way. Makes me wonder who else might be out there just waiting for someone from the past to stumble upon them.

    Let us know when the documentary comes out. Great subject, if I do say so.

  2. Cool beans is right! I hope to see you in the documentary. I thought it was cool to connect with you and Dawn over the internet.

  3. What a neat idea. Have you heard anything? Either way, it must have been to interview for it on camera.


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