Posted by: Karen | January 11, 2007

Viking Warrior Charges Up Hills

Monday night I procrastinated in getting out, but did manage to put in 30 minutes of running around Ranchlands  while Little Runner was at Girl Guides. I came upon a big Running Room class stretching by the 7-11 and was greeted with the announcement “RUNNER! RUNNER COMING THROUGH!” and they started to vacate the sidewalk for me. I shyly ran around them on the grass “S’okay, I’m a trail runner. I like this bumpy part…” It was kind of cool to be hailed in such a way, though.

Tonight I went out in the blustery cold. It was -19C/-2F with a blustery NW wind that gave the windchill a feeling of -28C/-18. A blizzard is on it’s way in, so I layered up before heading out. Long johns, lined windpants, double-layer socks, 2 long sleeved mock turtlenecks, a lined wind breaker, big cloth mitts, an ear band, thin toque and a neck tube to cover my mouth and nose.

You can’t brag about it unless you’ve done it, so I went.

It wasn’t all that bad. It took me 11 minutes to get to the store, where I found a bunch of hardy souls ready to run. At least I thought I did. What, the hills group isn’t doing hills tonight? I whined a little and found two other crazy nuts willing to do hills with me.

Alexis and Megan gamely followed me to my favourite 2-3 minute hill a couple of km away. It’s sheltered by apartment buildings and the sidewalk is clean there, so it was perfect. We did 4 hills and I maintained a respectable (for me) pace of around 2:30-2:40 per up. The hill turned NW at the top and we always finished head on with snow blasting onto our faces.

Me VikingThinking of myself as a Viking Warrior conquering a huge hill made me whoop at the top every time I got there. Even A and M enjoyed their run – the right company can really make a difference. They were faster than me but very, very kind in looping back and offering encouragement. I ran harder and rested less than I would have if I had been on my own.

The funny part is – I’ll probably never recognize those girls again, unless I hear their names. We were so bundled up we barely got to see each other’s faces.

I got home with sweat totally soaked right through my jacket. Hubby chuckled at all the little frosted-up hairs on my face. I tucked into turkey stew with homemade bread. Yum. A nice warm bubble bath topped off the evening.

Monday’s 4 km plus tonight’s 7.5 km brings me a little closer to Frostbite Falls. Here I come!


  1. Ice Princess, coming through! Good for you, Karen!!

  2. My dear little Viking Warrior,

    You will be so proud of Ed. He is out there skiing! He is just a hoot when he comes in with his beard all frosted up with icicles! I managed to walk up and down the stairs at the campsite 7 times while he enjoyed his new equipment on the slopes. Think I will stick to stairs for now, but at least I got off my but!

    Love, Mom


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