Posted by: Karen | January 7, 2007

Windy 8km

I’m adding on 8 more km to my 2007 FBF total, which tallies up to 9.13 miles or 14.6 km so far, right on schedule.

The weather is a-changing out there. The sun and ambient temp say it was nicely above freezing, but the nasty-cold wind really picked up towards the end. I was very sorry I’d left my ear-muffs at home.

I met up with the mom of one of my son’s buddies, and we had a nice walk and talk for about a km right in the middle of my route. I suffered a bit from those hills I did Wednesday. At the beginning I felt it in my left shin and right IT. I also felt lethargic on the 3 hills I conquered, but I did run up them verrry slowly.

Calgarians, time to dig out your winter woolies again, I hear temps are going to be nasty this week.



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